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FAUX PAINTED GARAGE DOOR in Southern California.

We are a family owned and operated company that have been in the decorative painting, custom faux finishes and murals business since 1989 and servicing customers with faux painted garage doors*, window shutters, side gates and front doors since 1999.

We are not just a painting company. Our background and expertise is fine art. We believe this gives us an edge in the business because we look at the work with the eye of an artist and not through the eye of an ordinary painter. Furthermore, we do not use airbrush to create our art. This means that the wood grain we create, does not look “Blurry or out of focus” if viewed from a short distance. We pride ourselves in creating masterpieces of art that increase the curb appeal of your home and truly adds value to your property.

In addition, we pride ourselves with follow up care. This includes an annual courtesy call to assess any need for maintenance. We also offer annual maintenance plans to keep your garage door looking beautiful for years.

All of our garage doors are created with custom colours created on site by the artist. Each garage door can be made to match your existing front door or a particular wood species.