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About Lisa Ordaz

Lisa Ordaz can trace the birth of her art career to a particular day in kindergarten when she had drawn a Hawaiian flower.

“The teacher stopped the class to go call my mom and tell her how good it was,“

recalls Ordaz, who was a longtime Yorba Linda resident before relocating to Carlsbad a few years ago. “That was the beginning of my incredible support network…of people who have pushed me and helped me”. For the past 30 years, Ordaz has nurtured her talent, painting on canvas and now focusing mainly on murals. Iltalian scenes and old-world images are frequent subjects, which she says helps her learn from masters like Michelangelo, Botticelli, and Da Vinci.

“When I´m able to reproduce a great piece, it´s like a musician trying to learn Mozart. You go over every bar and every frame, and it makes you better.”

Growing as an artist is something she is always striving to do.

“My philosophy is to paint every day and to use my hands and my mind every day, because this is how I feed my soul. When my soul is full, then I feel complete.”